Jump-Rope Rhymes

Whether you divide or add,
Snow’s not green, you silly dad.
Breeze beneath the bright blue sky,
Teach me how to multiply.
Poppies then and poppies now,
Poppies for my uncle’s cow.
If an orange could subtract,
We’d be doomed—now, that’s a fact!

Couplets © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Ha, these made me smile, especially the poppies and the cow!

  2. Really enjoyed these. They reminded me of my childhood rope jumping days!


    Love these. I can see myself jumping and singing them. I’m a big fan of jump rope songs and nursery rhymes.

  4. Witty and fun. Happy Sunday MMT
    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  5. Ha, this is absolutely delightful! 😊💖

  6. Kestril Trueseeker

    Orange is a fearful tint in the USA, and I share Bjorn’s concern.

  7. I got the jump-rope meter and rhyme and the wonderful nonsense. And then, I have developed such a revulsion of orange, that I got the doom! This reminds me of when I learned that “Ashes ashes, we all fall down” was about the plague. And the bough breaking and the cradle falling–what’s that all about? Terror is hidden in children’s rhymes!

  8. The rhymes remind of childhood verses, with their playful yet subtly cynical tone. Some witty writing.
    I would like to relearn all the additions and multiplications this way. Ha!

  9. Haha I found myself trying to jump rope in my head as I read; the Rhymes didn’t stop but the rope was around my legs. 🙂

  10. Last year I was helping a child learn to jump rope. My oldest grandson was certain I would fall.

  11. This reminds me of the rare times us boys would be included in joint skipping games and needless to say we would always make a mess of it!

  12. It can of course.. that’s why the wedges 🙂

  13. Monday WRites 174 is live. I invite you to link up

    much love

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