Version 2
A great horned owl perches in a palo verde tree in the Sonoran Desert, Yuma County, Arizona.

One morning an owl in a tree
Appeared to be staring at me,
Or maybe he glared;
It’s not that I cared,
It’s just what owls do, don’t you see?

Limerick and photo © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher
More Midweek Motif at Poets United: “Owl”

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  1. so magnificent is the bird..one can only stare back at it.. or glare!

  2. What I like about owls is the way the seem to turn their heads all the way round plus the fact they are so patient.

  3. He-he! Spot on!
    Anna :o]

  4. Wow! Very regal! Love, love the photo.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow

    A magical photo of a regal looking owl. It looks down on his subjects as King of the forest should.

  6. What a fabulous photo of him, bathed in morning light. Wonderful! I do love owls.

  7. I love seeing one on the rare occasion.

  8. I luv the Limerick form. Though i hardly ever use it. Your poem made me smile.

    Happy Wednesday


  9. Beverly Crawford

    Great limerick. On nights when It’s cool enough to have my window open, I love to listen to the soft who who of the owl who lives in the woods beside our house. They are such majestic, mysterious creatures!

  10. I’ll go with glare…that intense gaze is something else!

  11. ha – the limerick made me smile. They do seem to glare.

  12. As whimsical a limerick as I’ve read! And what evocative images you include! 🙂

  13. Outstanding photo of that owl. We go in the woods where we hear there are owls and my wife somehow can spot them way up in the trees somehow.

  14. Amazing capture! He does seem to be giving you a look.

  15. Yes, indeed! I have been seen by owls.

  16. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    They look so sinister – yet these words bely that imagery and are sing-songy fun.

  17. What a beauty! I’d be so excited if I saw him I would probably scare him away. Gorgeous photo.

  18. Hi!
    You disturbed him sleeping, so that angry stare 😉
    Anyway, lovely bird and picture. I like it.

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