Three Haiku for Winter

Palo verde tree on a wintry afternoon, Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona.

Winter afternoon—
a nearly empty sky fills
with sudden birdsong.
first winter shower—
milkweed fluff from shattered pods
flying everywhere
Our ancestors knew
how to use needle and thread
to patch a torn sky.

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. This is beautiful! 💞 The first one is my favourite 😀

  2. Fabulous. MMT.
    The third is my favourite. Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today


  3. Therisa Godwaldt

    Sigh. So much warmer than the subzero temperatures and snow, in southern Ontario. Can you ship a few degrees northeast to southern Ontario?

  4. These are lovely. I especially love the third!

  5. Love each one, especially the last one!!


    Haiku is so relaxing to read. We are having lots of milkweed/seed falling here now!

  7. All those Fs in the middle are yummy. And so is the glimpse of hope we get in the last one… Now, to find that sewing kit!

  8. Ah, we need to learn from our ancestors, I think!

  9. The richness and joy of our world is there for us all to enjoy, but we must be careful though as there are some of us who want to ruin it in their quest for profit.

  10. Loved them all. The winter afternoon was especially gorgeous.

  11. Oh those clever ancestors!

  12. I walked by shattered milkweed pods today, and tried to find a way to put them into words. So happy you did. And the last haiku is breathtaking! What gorgeous imagery.

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