It’s Winter, My Love

A desert family enjoys the cool December weather in this mosaic on a wall in Ajo, Arizona.

It’s winter, my love, keep playing the bones!
Stars o’er the valley are singing to stones.
Keep yourself limber, and shrug off the cold.
Summon your courage, and learn to be bold—
Bold in the barnyard, and bold in the dome,
Bold when you’re far, far away from your home.
I’ll end my song here, and hope that you find
That most folks are true, and loving, and kind.

Poem © 2018 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Some are true loving and kind. Nice poem…like the rhyme. I’ve heard of playing the teaspoons but not the bones Must be an American thing. Aussies are good at pulling your leg:)


    A poem to be inscribed in stone. I especially love the final wish.

  3. Oh this poem deserves to be sung 😍😍 so beautiful! ❤

  4. This fits perfectly and is no way servant of your form – which is the true test of successfully writing that properly comes alive. I agree with Sanaa – truly lyrical…

  5. I love the closing lines. A wonderful wish.

  6. Therisa Godwaldt

    Love your choice of the photo of the mosaic, showing a family enjoying the December weather, from Ajo, Arizona. Also, the message of your poem. In this time of darkness, may the light protect and guide us, to warmth and enlightenment. Where love and compassion, are the gifts shared by all.

    Season greetings, to MMT, her family and all, who read this poem.

  7. I know that most people are kind… reminds me of all the times when people are surprised that they got their wallet back, I remember asking one of them “Wouldn’t you try to find the owner of the wallet?” and the answer I got “Of course”, then I said, “Why don’t you expect most people to be just as caring as you?”

  8. I hope we all find what your poem chants in such a delicious way!

  9. Loved this so much. Season’s greetings!

  10. Warm wishes MMT. thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  11. Enjoyed this. Would make a great song to be accompanied by a guitar and sung around a campfire.

  12. Great rhythm to this poem. I wish the last line was true but even 50% would be acceptable!

  13. Wonderful poem, with good solid meter. I just want honest, honest will work for me… like your piece here… Happy Holidays! :-/)

  14. I love your mosaic, and poem especially, “…Stars o’er the valley are singing to stones….”

    Take care!!

  15. You had me at the first two lines. I like to think most people are kind.

  16. Wonderful ‘lilt’ to this very cool little piece that cascades to an awesome close.

  17. Most folks are loving and kind.. i do agree!

  18. The one exception are those whose face is the color of an orange rind.

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