Let Us Decorate in Silence

Let us decorate in silence
While the wind chimes ring with glee;
Let us warm ourselves with whisky
Splashed in steaming cups of tea.
It is plain our house needs something
To revive its heart and soul;
Let us lift a glass in hope, dear,
Nibbling cake and jelly roll.
Far too long we’ve had too little
And our home has had no heat;
Let us eat some peanut brittle,
Then our joy will be complete.

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Very whimsical and sweet.

  2. I love the splash of whiskey in the tea! Love the upbeat voice in this poem.

  3. I agree 😀 love the soul and emotion of this poem ❤️

  4. Love this!!

  5. I think every house needs a little bit of warmth (or great cakes)

  6. Kestril Trueseeker

    Taking time to enjoy the sweet little things together warms a house faster than a fireplace.

  7. This is delicious, and all the sense of the word–it made me a little hungry and left me smiling.

  8. This brings to mind a childhood
    where only one room had heat.
    One awoke each morning dreading
    the chill of linoleum ‘neath bare feet.

  9. Fine detail and sense of renewal. This poem has entered my heart. Don’t let it be too long! (Thinking of your comment on my poem: My brother is also NRA and loaded with fire power, but i don’t see him as a danger. Weird, huh? But he’s not likely to start a movement to give up guns.)

  10. There is something very comforting about peanut biutter! A nice collection of poems.~

  11. Our heater has been broken and the whole system needs to be replaced. We’ve had an unusually cold winter. So perhaps though we haven’t eaten peanut brittle, we’ve eaten a lot to compensate for warmth and burn a lot of calories. Love your poem. Made me happy to read it.

  12. Luv the resolutions for more joy in the new year.
    Happy New Year. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday


  13. That whiskey in tea … oh well..cheers!!!!

  14. Lisa at Greenbow

    It that time of year here, when I feel like I want to change things in the house. Move stuff around. Paint a wall or two. Take down or/and put up curtains. Maybe a shot of whiskey will get me going. Cheers.

  15. It’s always hard when the decorations come down…just took down all of them at work and now everything looks so stark.

  16. Soothing read – a poem of hope and finding joys in little things of life!

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