It’s Easy to Be Pious

It’s easy to be pious when hunger’s kept at bay;
The oily man adores you, although he’ll never say
Just why the drunken driver is waving from the bus,
Or why he wears upon his head a shoebox filled with pus.
O life is complicated, and that you can’t deny;
We all survive by exiting—so now, my friends, goodbye!

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. The first line is stellar…

  2. I agree with the opening line ..❤️ it’s easier when our hunger is sated.. the real challenge begins when our stomachs are growling 🙂

  3. rather weird

    you see
    those men
    in white coats
    that’s not a mirage:)

    Napoleon !V (They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha) Youtube

  4. I like the pu/pious mirroring and this line especially “The oily man adores you, although he’ll never say”. Its the meter that heightens that touch of ‘Carollian’ whimysy

  5. Oy, that box of pus, hope it doesnt fall. This poem made me smile, and shudder a little.

  6. Oh, there seems to be an infection growing and it scares me a bit.

  7. Life is complicated, in fact I think all things are complicated, never really what it seems. And you explain, “It’s complicated, you see.” Liked your poem.

  8. Your first line lies behind the answer to so many questions…

  9. Oh yes, it is easy to be pious when hunger is kept at bay. It is easy to ignore those who ARE hungry when one’s own stomach is full! Yes, life is very complicated.


    This is such fun in a Jabberwocky kind of way!

  11. YES! I Understand. Well written.

  12. There is no doubt you are a real artist when it comes to the absurd. What better way to live our lives than laugh all the time.

  13. Love it! This is brilliant writing! Not sure if there is a name for this genre … for me: a kind of Absurdism/Philosophic infusion with a large glug of droll humour. I am blown away in the giddy fumes. I read this one aloud to my husband and son ~ who also loved it ~ You are very talented. And that last line is so cool.

  14. Hmmm, the humour aside I think there’;s a touch of Bod Dylan in some of this phraseology.

  15. Nothing challenges faith like hunger.. great opener!

  16. Another excellent one with some fun mixed in for measure.

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