The Filling

Underneath a palace table hungry dogs eat husks and wings;
Even twilight does not daunt them when the regal peacock sings
Songs of anger, songs of yearning, songs of drawing forth a knife—
Runic songs that bid the Presence come as fire to be our wife.
See, she vanquishes injustice! See, she turns things upside down!
Then the fiery Presence fills us, and at last we wear her crown!

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Wow! I feel like this is a scene from a ‘game of throne-sy’ show. I almost looked up to check there wasn’t a fiery presence in front of me. Kudos to your poetry!

  2. May she come soon & vanquish all of the injustice in her presence. This poem gives a very powerful image!

  3. Happy Sunday

    much love…

  4. I love everything about this – the rhythm, the rhyme, the imagery and the tale it tells. The peacock is an inspired addition.

  5. This fees like a summoning…something unexpected but revelatory

  6. A truly beautiful piece of writing!!

  7. This feels like part of a much bigger tale…. those palace dogs intrigues me…

  8. Oh gosh this is wonderfully engaging and like Vivian I too am reminded of Game of Thrones 😀 Enjoyed this immensely! ❤️

  9. A wonderful piece with a lovely cadence and rhyme.

  10. I wonder if we feel the same about her and her actions, after her crown is on our heads.


    This is like a royal proclamation that needs to be read out loud with fanfare.

  12. Geesh! Thanks for a “wild” ride through your lines.

  13. Hubby and I have been rewatching Games of Thrones and your poem reminded me of that sort of story and setting. Fab

  14. What a wonderfully layered sketch you have drawn here. Love it!

  15. Love the reference about the peacock. Well written

  16. I love the way the metre and the language combine to create something which feels both sumptuous and legendary.

  17. Beautifully written, but reinforcing the saying, trust no-one.

  18. I wanted more. This was mesmerizing.

  19. I love the magical realism of this. Well done!

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