Three Couplets

Daylight, and the drunk man falls forward on his face;
He lacks a map to guide him to a better place.
Sometimes a hearth that’s spacious holds only hints of fire—
Little coals that soon grow cold like everyone’s desire.
Anywhere is nowhere when money creeps inside;
Beware when words become a place for your lies to hide.

Poems © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I like those, III especially. I’m enjoying the sort forms at the moment.

  2. So few words create such great scenes in these three verses; well done.

  3. These are tiny, perfect warnings sounded gracefully.

  4. The third one is chilling and gives a fair warning!

  5. A lesson in each one, wonderfully worded.


    Very Buddha like or Irish! Great lines.

  7. These are like aphorisms… I love the short words of wisdom in them

  8. Love these … all of them. The second one, really flew me away … the kind of couplet that takes the reader on a journey – they could get engrossingly lost in.

  9. Well! Aren’t We The wonderful Rhyming Philosopher… 🙂

  10. I can just picture the drunk man!

  11. grow cold like everyone’s desire… aah..sad but true!

  12. Wow! You have had your thinking cap on again.

  13. Each a nugget of beauty and wisdom.

  14. golden nuggets of wisdom!
    i loved the first one especially.

  15. Luv all three for the wisdom and caution, yet i choose the second as my favourite. That big eide space carryi g only hints is eeire.
    Happy Easter


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