Haibun: I Am a Gardener

Several years ago excruciating back pain kept me out of my classroom for the three days. Much can happen, not all of it good, in three days.
According to the biblical story of creation, green growing things appeared on Earth on the third day: “…the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind…” (Genesis 1:12).
I thought of my students as plants that needed to be watered with praise and nourished with kindness so that they would grow and develop. But for three days they were without water and nutrients. For three days, they had to fend for themselves.
Plants that have to fend for themselves often don’t thrive. Weeds may creep in and suck away essential moisture and nutrients. Careless passersby may trample delicate plants. Thieves may jump over the garden wall and steal fruit. Untoward things are bound to happen when the gardener’s away from the garden—even for three days.
I remember thinking: I don’t want my students to wither. I don’t want the weeds of apathy to steal their joy of learning. I don’t want their knowledge to be stolen like ripe fruit. I am a gardener. I belong in my garden.
Overcast morning—
a blackbird in the orchard
stealthily pecks plums.


Haibun © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Love that kind of dedication!

  2. Lisa at Greenbow

    I hope your students realize what a good Gardener you are. May your garden grow exponentially.

  3. This is beautiful and inspirational.

  4. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #6: MMT’s latest #haibun for #PoetsUnited #midweekmotif!

  5. I like the alliteration of “pecks plums.” I was reminded of the nursery rhyme about little jack Horner sitting in the corner and of course that brought me back around to your classroom and the children you are helping to grow.

  6. Your dedication is so very awesome, what every classroom should have
    Have a lovely day


  7. You and I were on similar wavelengths today, equating gardening with the nurturing of children. I especially love the stealthy blackbird sneaking plums.

  8. Loved this analogy between educational growth and a garden. Most fitting:)

  9. Best put a net over your ripening plums as Blackbird doesn’t have boundaries! As for the children some will be glad others will feel a bit lost and worry about completing the syllabus in time for the exams to come. Usually the kids are happy to have you back because they usually don’t like change.

  10. You are indeed a true gardener nurturing your students each step of the way. Three days can cause a bit of drought, you have a heart of caring.

  11. A wonderful response to the prompt. Love the analogy drawn between the garden and your students. You are a true gardener!

  12. You speak for me, too! Thank you for capturing this, and for the Haiku that puts the fear into present imagery.

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