Twice I Thought I Saw a Flame

Twice I thought I saw a flame
When the shapeless angel came.
Pure and bright she blazed near me;
In her hand she held a key.
“This unlocks your heart’s desire,
Be it water, earth, or fire.
You must choose what works for you,
Then will I your bidding do.”
Long I stood in awe and stared,
While her visage blazed and flared.
How I trembled, how I ached!
My flesh quivered and I quaked!
Then I spoke with fearful voice:
“This I ask, this is my choice:
Like you let me be a flame
Ever wilding, never tame.”
“Done!” she cried. “That I’ll allow!
I’ll set you ablaze right now!
Wear this holy fire in grace!
Every mortal, hide your face!”
Many years have passed since then,
Years beyond all mortal ken;
Still I flare and still I blaze,
And I will for endless days.

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Magical indeed – just like a fairy tale 🙂

  2. This is stunning! 💖 I love the idea of being “a flame
    ever wilding, never tame.” 😍😍

  3. I like this a lot…there is something to be said for being a flame, lighting the way in this crazy world!

  4. It is weird. My comment is not appearing. Maybe you have comment moderation. If so, ignore this message, lol. I will check back later……it is confusing, as a message doesnt come up to say comment moderation is enabled, so it just looks like the comments disappear…..?

  5. I love it. Keep that fire blazing!

  6. I really like that this reads like a poem married a spell and then started singing together.

  7. Wow–a poem like a torch.

  8. I love this blazing torch-like angel, and the flame she inspired in the poet’s heart. Very wonderful writing!

  9. No sure that would be my choice but at least you probably wouldn’t feel the cold any more.

  10. busy words there….do relax, and be easy at times.

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