Welcome Every Word

Face the other way and write, write these words down fast:
Seizes, eases, water, gathers; then, write current last.
Other words than these might do, or possibly, might not.
Thus be ready always, friend, to change your poem’s plot.
In pursuit of poetry, you take what fate doles out.
Welcome every word’s arrival with a joyful shout!

Poem © 2019 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. And long may you shout!

  2. Every word has its place in poetry!

  3. Ah, i love this. It made me smile.

  4. Oh yes absolutely! 😀

  5. i love your poems. they rhyme and they are well-crafted it’s all nice. thanks for sharing!

  6. Love to start the morning with words like that.

  7. In pursuit of poetry, you take what fate doles out.
    – isn’t this the truth. The poem itself is the true decider of how it wishes to play out

  8. Poetry like life…what fate doles out. Wonderful observation.

  9. I’m not sure I welcome every word’s arrival but agree that the changing world does need them sometimes, however being strict I may delete (ignore) a few!

  10. You gotta work with what you got and be prepared to invent.

  11. That’s true- the muse is always in full control!

  12. Someone asks why I often wait until the last minute to write my poems (and my prompts). I think I will send him a link to this poem. Every word has its now and place. Current can’t be later, in words. And when it happens, it’s most likely a different word, a different feel.

  13. I love this. This is definitely the process.

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