When spring comes again, brilliant blossoms will open at Robert J. Moody Demonstration Garden, Yuma, Arizona.

I dream of blossoms
awakening in springtime—
now a chill wind blows.

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    Winter has definitely moved into our area. A bit early compared to other years. Spring isn’t even in sight as yet. I am still dealing with fallen leaves that seemed to be flash frozen in place.

  2. How beautiful the spring is when it arrives

  3. MMT,

    There’s always new hope to be found in nature’s gifts:)

  4. Chill winds and dreams of Spring. Wabi sabi!
    I recognize that blossom as one i grew up with in our hone garden here in T&T we call the flower Barbados Pride
    Happy Wednesday


  5. This is beautiful ❤️ We are experiencing an early winter here as well 🙂

  6. Yeah…Spring is not far behind. Love it.

  7. Those blossoms are gorgeous and surely warm enough to spirit you through the winter. Lovely poem!

  8. Lovely, kiddo.

  9. Brief as usual but beautiful. Pity more people can’t see the beauty of the world everywhere.

  10. Flowers sustain us during the dark months. Thank you for sharing

  11. The various hues and at times we are totally drenched in them.

  12. A splash in image, chilled by the words.

  13. may we always keep the promise of spring in our winter hearts!

  14. Wow!! Breathtaking photo and words of hope. Happy weekend!!!

  15. Lovely photo and haiku.
    Luckily I live in Az. where flowers bloom even in winter.

  16. I was sorting through tulip photos this morning and then took the dogs out to the frozen grass. Your haiku is so apropos!

  17. Right now… spring is only a dream. A seed planted somewhere that I have forgotten…

  18. What a beautiful flower! It would work well for Ruby Tuesday as well. 🙂
    Earlier when I was walking, there was a cutting cold wind of the kind that goes straight through to the bones. I like windy days but was glad enough to come inside.

  19. We are heading south in our RV looking for sun and warm weather. I am shocked to see snow in the forecast for the Fresno area in California. I don’t remember such wild weather swings when I lived here up until eleven years ago. – Margy

  20. I love the beautiful photo but I do enjoy the chilly weather and late-Autumn storms too… thick socks and warm sweaters and lighting a candle do have its own beauty. Hug from chilly Holland!

  21. Our apartment complex and an adjoining small park have planted decorative cabbages and pansies. They will provide some color to the winter drabness.

  22. I’ve always loved the Mexican Bird of Paradise. They are planted and do well here in Saudi Arabia too

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