A tree with no leaves stands at the edge of Willow Lake, Prescott, Arizona.

At any moment
a dove may settle to rest
in the leafless tree.

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. And what a wonderful moment it would be

  2. MMT,

    And that moment is the most rewarding one:)

  3. Beautiful photo and haiku


  4. One of the moments I enjoy most ☺️

  5. That is the great thing about birds.

  6. A really beautiful image that brings hope.

  7. Doves are stupid aren’t they? There’s no shade, nothing to eat, and every creature other will see them. However you managed to get a haiku out of this one!

  8. A wonderful visual, MMT. Thank you

  9. I haven’t seen a dove in years! Where I lived as a child, there was a small park on the site of an ancient monastery, where the dovecote survived. Doves still lived there and there was a fish pond surrounded by willows. Doves and willows – perfect!

  10. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    Reminds me of many a time when I have waited patiently (and not so patiently) for that perfect photo moment. 🙂

  11. That is one twisted tree, a dove should be able to perch in any attitude it wishes.

  12. So many of them standing naked theses days.

  13. Beautiful anticipation! Have a grand weekend!

  14. And sit here and wait for this moment I will, until she does…

  15. yes…to mornings adorned with doves and dove haiku!

  16. Oh for the wings of a dove,,,

  17. I can hear the wings flapping already – did a dove land on the branches? Have a lovely Sunday, hug from Holland!

  18. We have doves in our backyard. Used to be too many to count. Now I see just a few. Wonder what happened to them? Love the look of that tree. It is very magical, mysterious, kind of like Halloween looking. Perhaps a dove will land there.

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