Anything Is Possible: A Haibun

If I could touch the sound of a dove with my fingertips, I would. But my hopes are dashed; the little songster flees as I draw near. The dove calls again. Surely this time! Stealthily I move forward, but a dry leaf crackles underfoot. Hush now, I say to myself, you’re making too much noise; surely she hears you. But, no, there on a branch of the plum is the dove, and there is her song, pouring from her beak like a silver waterfall. Slowly, ever so slowly, I approach, I reach, I touch the sparkling notes. The dove does not stir, though she knows full well what I’m doing. You doubt my story? In the Age of Donald Trump, anything is possible.

An old Buddhist monk,
who never tells me his name,
visits me in dreams.


Haibun © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I have seen those notes but never touched them. I would be afraid they would disintegrate right before my eyes if I dared touch them. Then perhaps the world would wobble and I might fall down.

  2. If you move as little as possible the birds might not fly away. I tried it in my own garden and several birds (not doves though!) were happy enough to trust me if they knew me as a food source.

  3. The wisdom of wiser, will heal us.

  4. I love the end poem – sounds like a positive dream

  5. Marvelous, ephemeral write, Teach! All things simultaneously attainable and elusive. Great concept. (I did a Haibun today, too!)

  6. Lovely. Doves on the roofline are a favorite of mine. 🙂

  7. You had me at the opening line! This is incredibly potent 💝


    Ha! I only hear them cry and mourn. Maybe more in the age of Donald Trump!

  9. I want to argue with the closing of your prose, but… I can’t. It’s true. These days all seems possible–the bad and the good (and there is so much bad). Sigh.

  10. I like the use of the positive and negative in your haibun. Its allow the balance and 4d space. Feels so nice to participate again, thanks!

  11. The word of the day earlier this week was ‘verisimilitude’. Unfortunately that word is all too relevant now. I did enjoy your lovely tale.

  12. Touching the song of a dove is a lot more believable than some of the words that comes from Mr Trump

  13. I agree with Bjorn. It’s so hard to touch the song of truth in this era. Love your story and haiku.

  14. I have a pod of orcas who visit me in dreams and as a child I was raised disoriented and choking from the rushing cold waters of a river by a flock of birds flying overhead…of course you can touch the dove’s song. I believe! 🙂

  15. I mean, the Eagles won a superbowl, so yeah. Anything’s possible.

  16. This is a wow for me–loved every line and nuance here

  17. Getting them to trust you is miraculous… !

  18. Lies are deceitful, but poetry is truth. I’m glad the dove let you reach and touch those silvery notes, and I trust the monk imparts wisdom.

  19. Love this and the Trump close to the prose is very clever.
    Love it!
    Anna :o]

  20. This makes for a nice read, MMT. And I know from the pocket book pain and from observation that the “old Buddhist monk” has a lot more smarts than the trump.

  21. Susie Clevenger

    Sigh, all things are possible. May this be the year of incredibly good things becoming possible.

  22. Your Haibun is like a taste of something more, a larger story that is waiting to be told. At the same time it leaves us to imagine the story for ourselves. Thank you for giving me these thoughts, MMT.

  23. I hope Trump is not visiting you in your dreams disguised as a Buddhist monk, Wear a string of garlic around your neck and keep a wooden cross under the bed….that should do the trick.:)

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