Cups of Tea

Cups of tea increase our pleasure.
Moments that we cannot measure
Suddenly turn dark as coffee—
Are we craving English toffee?
Down we go, the house is shaking!
Moved by snow, there’s no mistaking
That an avalanche is sliding
Into places we’d be hiding
Were they splashed with gin or rum.
Aloud we pray: “Let no harm come!”

DISCLAIMER: This ditty is strictly the product of my overactive imagination.

© 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    I hope that no matter where you are you aren’t near the avalanches that have taken lives lately. Enjoy your drink of choice around a roaring fire with family and friends. Hopefully no internet where you are so you can recharge your batteries.

  2. What a wonderful flow this poem has

  3. It’s certainly a time of extreme weather, which demands prayers.

  4. Ah YES be safe. Happy Sunday

    much love…

  5. Well, now I’m craving English toffee. And hoping for snow that doesn’t feel the need to blanket and bury everything on its path. May the shaking and the sliding be metaphorical.

  6. It’s no doubt a time of extreme climate and conditions! Stay safe! 💝


    Should have stuck with tea. A gateway drink?

  8. Very ominous. A frightening picture you paint. I echo hopes that this is metaphorical.

  9. I do love my cups of tea. The possible snow avalanche is very apt. On the news they showed a clip of a man on a ladder, trying to dislodge the deep snow on his roof. It came loose all at once and knocked him flying……….luckily the snow was so deep on the ground he wasnt hurt.

  10. through the noise comes a tweet
    they have cake so let them eat.

    Good one, MMT.

  11. You can’t beat a cup of tea – I’m a fruit and herbal tea drinker. We haven’t had any snow yet, and I’m praying we don’t, although we don’t get avalanches around here – it’s too flat! Stay safe and warm!

  12. Perhaps, a prophesy of a storm on the horizon? A sweet little ditty indeed.

  13. Beverly Crawford

    You took us from a cuppa tea to an avalanche! Well written.

  14. I am sure there will be some people still sipping their tea (or booze) as the the Earth slowly destructs, quite oblivious to our own foolish behaviour these last few centuries before the end..

  15. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland or Willy Wonka for some reason!

  16. Susie Clevenger

    Oh the smothering of snow…I remember the last winter I lived in Missouri, 1981. I was scraping ice off the insides of the windows of my home.

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