Detail from a painting in a Northern California art store: sunflowers in a vase.

our fitting tribute
to summer’s fecund goddess:
dazzling sunflowers

Photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Haikulicious! And a perfect, perfectly stunning visual accompaniment. Thanks, Teach.

  2. Perfect words for a stunning picture.

  3. Stunning!! 😍😍😍

  4. Beverly Crawford

    An apt choice for floral tribute! Who can not be uplifted by the sight of sunflowers!

  5. Lisa at Greenbow

    Love the poem and the flowers. I am so looking forward to this time of year. Remind me of this when it is 95degrees with humidity of 99percent.

  6. Missing summer are we? Patience please it will come,

  7. Yes, yes, yes!

  8. I look forward to spring and an abundance of sunflowers both wild and planted. Ah, fecund – a word so rarely used! Thank you.

  9. Sunflowers always make my heart smile, any time of the year! Thank you MMT!

  10. Oh my, now I long for Summer! Love your blogpost today. Big hug from Holland!

  11. Beautiful words for the golden sunflowers. I love how summer looks, but I can’t say I enjoy it. My endocrine system is messed up, so I’m hot all the time as it stands.

  12. awesome combo haiku and art. Happy Sunday MMT

    much love…

  13. We have wished for it long enough. It will soon be here.

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