Field of Strange Surprises

In a field of strange surprises, one chipped cup appears;
Yellow roses near the lip have faded with the years.
A clothesline pinned with tables, along with rusty tools,
Earns heaps of raw derision from mouths of Sunday fools.
They say the world is flooding and seas are black with ink.
But who knows what the truth is, and who knows what to think?
The end of time’s upon us, and dust coats every shelf.
But what’s the use of cleaning? Just leave that to the elf.


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I read a lot into this.
    Have a good week.

  2. Lucky you have an elf to do some work. Seriously though the Corona virus has for the first time in my memory put the whole world in trouble and lockdowns. It could be said it is worse than a world war (which I have experienced as a child) but I wasn’t frightened then and not all nations were affected. But being scared of other people breathe on you that is scary indeed.

  3. Ain’t no elf; you already know dat.

  4. This has a nice lilt to it. OK, happy to leave it to the elf. 🙂


    You are a mystic, and this scene reminds me of something out of Mrs. Haversham’s Great Expectations.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      I take what you say as a high compliment, Colleen. Thank you.

      On Sun, Apr 5, 2020 at 5:34 AM Magical Mystical Teacher wrote:


  6. I sense a hint of intuition in this one and resonate with; “They say the world is flooding and seas are black with ink./But who knows what the truth is, and who knows what to think?” 💝

  7. Elves need motivation too, so leave it I shall.

  8. If there was ever time for cleaning this is it but I feel much the same. Day follows day and not much gets done. Handling the situation we find ourselves in takes considerable effort. Smiles.

  9. Indeed ourhelplessness, we do not know, when. Nice, luv the rhyming. Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today


  10. Words which say so much. Even though I’ll never believe in helplessness, I enjoyed them.

  11. Very good Yes we live in dark times A great idea to leave it to the elves lol

  12. Wonderful! There are a lot of layers and angles to look at this intriguing piece from … with more to it (it seems to me) than might appear at first-go. Definitely linger-worthy.

  13. Ah…where does the truth really lie? In our world, it is the first casualty triggered by those with an agenda. Determine the agenda, and it will often point you to the truth.

  14. Susie Clevenger

    I don’t think the elf knows where i live.

  15. The doomsayers will not be the victors this time around but elves are always welcome to lend a hand now and then.

  16. Most happy to oblige the elf if I can find one around here somewhere.

  17. I’m at that what’s the use of dusting stage… 🙂

  18. That last line made smile. 🙂 I love this injection of humour to brighten up our bleak world.

  19. my little robot vacuums
    and even sometimes mops
    but with no arms for climbing
    I still must clean the tops!

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