Mystic Signs

(NOTE: Nothing profound here. Just enjoy the sounds of the words as you read them aloud.)


Chocolate muffins linger on,
Tingling tongues until they’re gone.
Wasted apples clog the sink
Quicker than a rat can think.
Asked to whirl through vats of dye,
Pinwheels stop and wonder why.
“What’s in it for us?” they ask.
“What an idiotic task!”
Blueberry pie, tasty treat!
Reading tea leaves—oh how sweet!
Mystic signs of grit and grace—
Scrub your hands and wash your face!


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Such clear glimpses of the time. I can see this being memorized by youths, to recite the histories of quarantine times. The last stanza flows like a river.

  2. Love this! One can never be too careful, best that we wash our hands and keep on with social distancing. 💝

  3. This made me smile and is a very welcome read this morning!

  4. I’m hungry now. Nice one.

  5. Wonderful rhymes…and what’s not profound about chocolate muffins?

  6. Oh that last verse is so real, our present state is so alarming some of us still wish to wake up

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  7. A delight to read out loud!

  8. Susie Clevenger

    Yes, I love this…I read it out loud. I’m with Magaly, this should be memorized.

  9. This made me smile. The part about pinwheels made me laugh!

  10. Oh, what a joy! I wish I had some little kids handy to read them to!

  11. A wonderful word painting here. I can almost taste the blueberry pie.

  12. I read your poem aloud .. twice! I love the simple joy associated with each element. Brava.

  13. Cute. It has great rhythm.

  14. Love this fun read. The sweetest appeal to scrub hands and wash face … that I think I have ever heard/read.

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