On seeing the world about them go splash,
They put on their helmets, ready to dash
Into the glimmering, shimmering waves
That will soon carry them into their graves.
They haven’t a prayer, they haven’t a chance,
They run through the door, preparing to dance
With spiraling waves that will not forgive—
Deadly the moments the boys won’t outlive.
Could ever there be a much sadder song
Than that of a day when all things go wrong?
Maybe the wrong would turn right, if we cared,
But plague time is here, and we’re unprepared.


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I feel the frustration.

  2. I was aghast at the laxity shown on the TV screen of the effects and reaction to the Corona crisis in the US. Please keep safe and stock up for a long haul with as little contact with others that you can.

  3. Nice work, Teach. I, too, (like all poets, I suppose) have been chronicling the plague, but refuse to reference it directly; I guess I’m just keeping a plague-time journal.


    Instant karma gonna get ya. At least they put on their helmets.

  5. These are difficult times. I am hoping against hope that things don’t get worse.

  6. Well said. Those with inner resources, like poets, fare better in tough times. I fear for the heedless ones who know not what they do – sadly, they will impact many innocents as well as themselves.

  7. Caught unprepared, this is how all this pandemic feels like. Great write, and I admire your neat rhyming scheme too!

  8. Great flow and truth spoken Some have no clue what they are in for

  9. Besutiful rthym and rhyming. Hope the plague is conqured and eradicated very soon

    Be safe


  10. Beverly Crawford

    What a descriptive pandemic lyric! Very clever.

  11. Excellent for the times.

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