Four Haiku for Sunday

Maple, poplar, oak—
the names of my forest friends
linger on my tongue.
Women keep weeping
because roots of war grow deep,
and church bells go mute.
In the plum tree’s shade
my skinny little daughter
rubs two shiny coins.
Mother Earth, sounding
oddly like my own mother,
says, “Mend your ways, child.”


Haiku © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I like all of these Haiku specially No.1 and 4.

  2. Your haiku are always amusing, wise and something to think about.

  3. The signs are out there that if we listen, we could really make a powerful change. Will we act on what we know is another question entirely.

  4. Those last two–just eerie.

  5. Love these 😀 especially no 1 and 3 💝💝

  6. I love these so much. MMT, tomorrow at, we are inviting poems about caring about Mother Earth. This post would be a welcome addition, if you feel like stopping by. I especially resonate with the weeping women, as we really feel Mother Earth’s pain. Happy you came across my bear poem. Smiles.

  7. The first and the last are just brilliant. I think I read the first one aloud more times than it is decent–I just really love the lingering of the first line. And the last one, well… that one left me nodding a lot.

  8. Nature seems to be shouting the last one from the rooftops these days

  9. Helen Dehner

    I enjoy writing and reading haiku …. yours are enchanting.

  10. LOVE these. The second one really hit me!

  11. Beverly Crawford

    I love the Sunday haikus. Thoughtful. Beautiful.

  12. Oh how nice, you had not given us a haiku sequence in a long while. I welcone this one

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today


  13. Four troubled areas, the last one with her Mom. I feel sorry for her, the mom is too strict.

  14. A great selection! My favourite is the first one – I’m a lover of trees and enjoy the magic of their names – and the one about Mother Earth resonates too.

  15. Love the first one – !!!

  16. Susie Clevenger

    Love all of them, but the first is my favorite

  17. Beverly Crawford

    I love your haiku chain. Each is a jewel!

  18. You start with the forest and end with the earth – a nice progression through each.

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