In This Sizzling Heat: A Haibun

In this sizzling heat we feel as though we’re descending into hell. The river has shrunk into a thin sliver thread. Our grapes are turning brown. They need water. I cannot tell you how eagerly we look for a cloud—one cloud!—to bear even a few drops of rain to the grapes. The neighbor boy flies his kite. It casts a shadow over the dying grapes. But I’ve had enough of watching for clouds that never come. I dig out our passports. “Come on,” I say to my beloved, “we’re going to Norway where it’s cool and it rains. Oh, wait! Americans aren’t welcome in Europe these days. What a clusterf*ck!”

I can’t remember
the last time I quenched my thirst
from a mountain stream.


Haibun © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Wow the heat is really getting to you. Pulling out passports that’s drastic measure

    Happy Sunday


  2. I hope it rains soon and there is respite from the sweltering heat!

  3. It HAS been blazin, that’s fer sure. Overnight, we got our 1st rain in weeks. Drenched; then a couple hours of sprinkle, then…nada. Lovely sunset tonight, though. And cooler, thank god.

    Great Haibun, Teach!

  4. Beverly Crawford

    …and I have never been so lucky … ever! Let’s us go give it a try!!

  5. I can remember the last time. I was a child, in Tasmania … never was water so clear and so pure. It was also cold! Yes, it will be some time before any of us go travelling abroad, I fear. May your respite come soon, without having to go to Norway or find a mountain stream!

  6. Sounds like you would feel at home in Australia too; not many begrudge a downpour.

  7. Ah you have to come to NZ We had lots of rain this year. In my home country in Holland they have lots atm as well In their summer

  8. hahaha this was kind of humorous and tragic at the same time. I love your sense of humor and your wise mind. Cheers!

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