Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too: Not Much Traffic

Sacred Heart.FMT.NM 051
A red SUV zooms past a red curb on North Allen St., in Farmington, N.M. under a blue sky. One photo, two memes.

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Why not go over and see the friendly skies at SkyWatch Friday?
Photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher


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  1. Well, at least that’s one good thing about the pandemic, it has reduced traffic! We are in second lockdown in Melbourne at the moment as cases of COVID-19 infection soar and moree and more deaths are announced each day 😦

  2. PS: Thanks for hosting.

  3. I like the car and its bright red colour in the distance!

  4. You are the best at getting the double use of your photo ops!

  5. Hey, Hey, Hey, Three Memes!!!
    Looks like Farmington to me, I was born in Espanola, and lived in Coyote, not too far away!!

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