Flee From the Kitchen

Flee from the kitchen, live on the porch;
August is glowing hot as a torch.
Cover yourself with rags or with strips,
Drink from a bucket, smacking your lips.
Dream of crisp apples, cinnamon toast,
A knife too dull to carve Sunday’s roast.
As the Earth turns and takes you along,
Make up a ditty, sing a new song!

Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Oh Teach, you sure know how to smile up my Sunday morning. Thank you.

  2. Pat a cake pat a cake bakers man .Your poem has the same rhythm….handclapping required on both coiunts Well done !

  3. It does sound hot. We dream of apples and cooling days and nights……..I got a kick out of the knife too dull……….my knives always are.

  4. Beverly Crawford

    “Make up a ditty, sing a new song”! Maybe we can sing our way out of this like the Australian aboriginals sing their way!

  5. Ah, a cheery accompaniment to my morning coffee. Thank you.

  6. This makes me hopeful and hungry yum crisp apples and cinnamon toast and yes we have to keep singing

  7. Your poetry is always full with amusing descriptions and comparisons. Winter in Australia make me feel quite jealous of the warmth you have now!

  8. The first 2 lines are my favorite. This poem is fun!


    I kind of love living in your world!

  10. Lisa at Greenbow

    So playful. I am looking forward to fall.

  11. Yes to cinnamon toast 🙂

  12. The tone and rhythm of this one reminds me of songs we used to sing while harvesting rice and picking coffee beans. The memory made me smile. And the lip smacking after drinking on a hot day is such a vivid memory.

  13. you are always so wise and singing. two things that make a great artist. God bless.

  14. Kestril Trueseeker

    My August hasn’t been as fierce as it could have been…and I’m grateful for that small bit of mercy in 2020!

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