Four Haiku

at the water’s edge
the saved wait to be baptized—
old-time religion
shadows by the bridge
sculpted from hollowed-out light—
great blue heron’s cry
feet follow cinders
leading to the temple gate
a place of great grace
fingers framed by light
clutching an old rosary
carved of human bone

Haiku © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. How good it was to view the image of the verses in one’s mind as I read them.

  2. Good Sunday, thank you for these haiku treats


  3. During his first incarceration for a serious crime, one of my brothers “found God” and (upon his release) got himself baptized. He had a couple of comparatively good years until he started drink / drugging again & then, allegedly “blacked out”, murdered his employer. That was almost 15 years ago, so he’s still got some time left in his 25-to-Life Sentence.

    Baptize away, I guess, for what it’s worth…

    (Sorry; didn’t mean to digress on my personal woes.
    Great Write, Teach!


    Love these snippets that tell whole stories. The heron cry and rosary bones really got my attention.

  5. The bone rosary…it caught me out of the sense of the sacred for a moment. An arresting image upon which to land.

  6. An interesting and evocative series of haiku for a Sunday, Ron. I especially love ‘shadows by the bridge / sculpted from hollowed-out light’ and ‘
    ‘fingers framed by light
    clutching an old rosary
    carved of human bone’.

  7. Beverly Crawford

    These tumbled one after another, beautiful pearls in the necklace of life.

  8. Each one so beautiful. I love best the heron’s cry. Lovely work, Magical.

  9. The last haiku brews so many images in my mind. I can’t help wondering about the bones, the hands, and how they connect to each other. I find this one so intriguing…

  10. Yep weird…. rosary beads made out of human bones….hmmm….don’t let the Swiss guards find out bout this::)

  11. Lisa at Greenbow

    Wow, what a story. I think I was there.

  12. hollowed-out light… spectacular imagery!

  13. 4 great haiku!
    that rosary of human bones got me wondering.

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