We Strained the Honey

We strained the honey, it flows like light
On our bread’s darkness; we take a bite,
Lost in the glorious mystery
Of wilding sweetness that sets us free.
How precious to set aside our shrugs
Of unbelief and squash them like bugs!
Minds that are closed can open anew;
Eat of our bread now—we break it for you.

Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I love how complete this feels – like a really delicious feast

  2. Honey really is a delightful spread to have to eat in so many ways. Thankyou bees!

  3. There’s something very complete and satisfying about this. I’m sure the rhyme and rhythm help create that feeling. Also there’s some lovely phraseology, e.g. ‘it flows like light’ and ‘of wilding sweetness’.

    • PS I was hoping I might give you a nice surprise by mentioning your lines (which I love) in my post – but you didn’t say anything! Are you being modest, or are you offended that I didn’t ask first? I thought, as you had shared those lines with our community already….

  4. “…sweetness that sets us free…”
    Yes. I’m going out to the breakfast table now, will turn off the TV news for an hour, spin some sweet Classical vinyl before I get back to reality with Meet The Press.

    have a great Sunday, Teach!

  5. Beverly Crawford

    Well, this is delightful….the sort of poem that makes one sit and think a bit. Well done.

  6. Please pass a slice in this direction. 🙂 Sounds like a welcoming table.

  7. I can vividly see and taste those first 2 lines and love the contrast of light honey on dark bread!

  8. wilding sweetness… yes!

  9. “wilding sweetness” perfect description of honey

  10. Yes, please. Who could refuse such invitation?

  11. Full of hope, of promise … I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem.

  12. Yes it is a mystery…what is a life without mystery….especially glorious mysteries:)

  13. Honey, we need more of its bright light and flavor in our days.

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