Version 2
Daylight comes to the Sonoran Desert, Yuma County, Arizona.

October morning—
an owl hidden from my sight
makes its presence known.

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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Posted on October 2, 2020, in 5-7-5, Arizona, haiku, Haiku My Heart, Recuerda Mi Corazon, Sonoran Desert, Yuma County. Bookmark the permalink. 14 Comments.

  1. Such a beautiful photo and lovely poem!

  2. Haiku-wonderful, Teach.
    I’m expecting to hear the telltale honk, look up, and see the 1st Vee of Canadian geese commuting south for the winter…any day now.
    Then I’ll know.

  3. My poem today is also about October. Lovely work. 🙂

  4. Great landscape . Wonder if there are owls here but the poem is beautifull.

  5. Beautiful shot!!

  6. Looking at your beautiful capture then keeping the image in my mind as I close my eyes. Then I can hear the owl’s conversation. So relaxing as it speaks of the beauty of the desert during her flight.

  7. One of my favorite things in the world… is hearing the call of owl.

  8. Miss Owl needs to hurry and find a hiding place because that beautiful sun is almost upon her.

  9. Pretty shot. I’ve never been able to photograph a desert owl, but I’ve startled them many a time while hiking near small trees like this. More correctly, they have startled me!

  10. Nice one Maggie


  11. Saw an owl on my walk the other morning. As soon as he saw me he spread his winds and was off! It was a glorious sight! Thank you for the beautiful photo and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Lovely haiku about the owl and awesome photo ~ Happy Weekend to you,

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. can this please mark the arrival of wisdom. yes, may wisdom make its presence knowm.

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