Six Things to Ponder

Autumn afternoon—
a shaman with sagging breasts
consults the oak trees.
Freight trains rumble by
before and after midnight—
I lose hours of sleep.
Why would I follow
an overcrowded pathway
when the margins call?
ten dozen swallows
swooping over the rooftops—
antics at twilight
I draw close to you,
but you turn your back to me—
autumn solitude.
Autumn afternoon—
how can I prune the roses
with dull secateurs?

Haiku © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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    Love the swallows and going in the margins. A nice and varied collection.

  2. All wonderful work, Teach. I like #4 best, FWIW. And thanks for adding “secateurs’ to my vocab!

  3. Pretty sure the roses are always sharper than any tool I might have. 🙂 Lovely marginalia.

  4. The last two made me sigh deeply. Things to ponder, indeed…

  5. Kestril Trueseeker

    Autumn has a way of making us all a bit more pensive.

  6. Those are all absolutely wonderful!

  7. Beverly Crawford

    ….and who will buy a bra for the shaman? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) A fascinating read, much enjoyed.

  8. How our imaginations were piqued with the pictures of each scene in our minds.

  9. That shaman is probably Cup D extra. You paint such a charming picture, I love them all! Autumn is my fave season, hands down. And thanks for the new to me secateurs.


  10. Love them all – the shaman and the swallows best of all.

  11. OH, Magical Mystical Teacher …. you created a masterpiece of chained haiku.

  12. Susie Clevenger

    What a wonderful, poetic expression of the fall season.

  13. Memorable words and striking imagery

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