Troubling Questions

What defines your life:
an open or a closed door,
the day or the night?
How well can you know
the rain’s checkered history
in a thirsty land?
Their ways are not yours,
so why expect the screendoors
to listen to flies?
When the leaves grew mean,
did you almost drop your rake
and scream in terror?

Haiku © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Yes, those leaves always seem to have the last laugh when we sweep them up!

  2. I like the way you have expressed these troubling questions.

  3. I’m ALWAYS dropping my rake & screaming. It’s wearing a bit thin with My Beloved Sandra, though.

    Nice work, Teach!


    Closed door at night. I dropped my rake!

  5. A haunting write – such crisp imagery

  6. This left me with a serious sense of unease–a perfect spooky series.

  7. Strangely–or, perhaps, not so much–I would love to meet those leaves.

  8. Love these.

  9. Spookiness in a chained haiku. BOO.

  10. HA! We just moved from our home amongst the trees, and moved to an over 55 community where it’s all done for us. My son has dropped his rake and run screaming for the last time, and replaced it with a golf club and a fishing pole!!

  11. we live our life with open doors that close both day and night.
    without the rains we are left with fields of blight.
    loose screen sings a song that invites the pest
    swirling leaves are just fall’s fest

  12. This made me squirm as I tried to fit myself to the haiku. Excellent set!

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