Haibun: Imagine

Imagine that you can go back in time to when you first loved the sound of rain in the night, or when you first identified the singing of the thrush. I know what you’re thinking: I’ll always be stuck in the here-and-now. But you don’t have to be. Imagine!
In the autumn woods
a tree stump becomes a throne
for an aging queen.


Haibun © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher


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  1. Just wonderful!

  2. The ageing queens I know would not be happy with a tree stump as a throne::)

  3. Nothing like being outdoors among the trees!

  4. Imagine! (One of my favorite words/favorite activities. Nice work, Teach.

  5. Imagination is a gift we give to ourselves. When we stop embracing it and appreciating it, we lose bits of ourselves (and of the world). So I, too, shall imagine!

  6. As an aging lady, I can imagine it well ….. and in that vein, well done.

  7. Lisa at Greenbow

    Beautiful image.

  8. Beverly Crawford

    I love it! Of course the term “aging queen” could get you into trouble…perhaps aging princess would be more fitting. I well remember the times when we had to use our imagination for entertainment. Children seldom have an opportunity to indulge in that today, it seems (or is that just te opinion of an aging princess)?

  9. I love this. And that there is a tree stump just waiting for her…

  10. I like this, MMT. Just where our imagination can take us, is simply beyond me sometimes. 🙂

  11. even nature sets out chairs in the house of belonging! brilliant and touching haiku that warms my aging heart!

  12. “you may say I’m a dreamer…” Aging queens and tree stump thrones are perfect together.

  13. How beautifully visual. I can even see Her Majesty! Thank you! Happy Halloween and have a grand weekend!

  14. Thank you for this haiku, I indeed ‘still make stories/fairytales’ walking around in this world – it’s a talent I inherited from my mum (she’s a writer of poetry and children’s books) and I’m grateful for it! Have a great weekend, hug from Holland!

  15. That’s beautiful! I can “imagine” all kinds of Mother Nature’s creatures, or even human, or fantasy fairies, being that Queen. Perhaps even a branch of the stump, sprouting queenly new foilage, growing into a new tree.

  16. Now there’s a thought ~delightful haiku ^_^

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Gosh!!! what a beautiful haibun


  18. Thanks for dropping by my blog


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