drew us away
from grief at dusk
as a courteous host
draws his guest
into the light
offering drinks
and conversation.
Who would want
to escape
such grace?
Only a moth
with a broken wing.


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Vivid images for your season change, there is gratitude and contentment therein

    Happy Sunday



    Love those first lines, especially. And knowing summer toasts will come back like a butterfly. The days are closing in but it’s record breaking warm here in VA still.

  3. I like the answer to who would refuse such an invitation, “only a moth… with a broken wing.”

  4. That light and grace would heal a moth’s broken wing.

  5. The ending broke my heart a little. Let’s hope the moth finds peace and healing in the fall.

  6. Beverly Crawford

    I was swept along in the pleasant moment ….. until I got to the moth with the broken wing!

  7. I am so impressed with how you took seemingly random words from the challenge and transformed them into magical poetry.

  8. Beautiful writing! I am thinking the moth is not so much wishful not to escape as unable to (with that broken wing).

  9. I always have had that memory of moths and butterflies having such a short life as their draws to a close and finding them fluttering uselessly on the ground slowly dying. Your ‘Grief at dusk’ is the best way to descibe it.

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