Six for Sunday

Two blue butterflies
anoint my garden with peace—
sunny afternoon.
tender stalks of corn
pushing toward the morning sun—
feast for hungry crows
The longer I sing,
the more this daunting mountain
dwindles to a speck.
I slide on wet leaves
and my pathway disappears—
autumn’s first mishap.
On a moonless night
I sink down before the stars,
wounded by their light.
November evening—
a dove returns to her nest,
cooing one last song.


Haiku © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It’s always nice when the dove sings an accompaniment to one’s slip on wet leaves. Try to enjoy the starsong while it lasts, Teach!
    Nice write. Thanks.

  2. This pathway to the dove left me almost in tears…simple steps strike deep.


    I love the song and dwindling mountain. Still thinking about being wounded by starlight and what my first autumn mishap might be.

  4. Beverly Crawford

    Here we have the mourning doves (for the longest time ever I thought they were morning doves). My aunt always called them “rain crows”. By whatever name, their song always sounds as if it’s their last!! I loved your November poem. Watch out for wet leaves!

  5. These are beautiful haiku ~~~~~

  6. While I love the sound of the mourning doves (my daughter calls them “day owls”), they are such stupid birds. Wonder way with the words, and I like the slipping in wet leaves the best!

  7. These are beautiful and so peaceful to read and envision…..sigh. Balm for the soul after a hit of CNN.

  8. Lisa at Greenbow

    Love these.

  9. One of the most beautiful things to do in life is to immerse yourself in nature. It is obvious you do too by the way this poem reads.

  10. A beautiful six … all of them … transportive. Wonderful haiku! Lovely writing!

  11. I like all of these, and the one about singing really speaks to me. Maybe I should try it.

  12. Butterflies and doves – November’s bewinged beauties. No offense to the crows, which I read as cows at first. Dyslexia progressing, but my soul is feasting on your beautiful words. Thank you!

  13. I feel an entire day in your string of haiku… carrying me through many emotions and many places that I needed to find in my own morning of the day… thanks, dear MMT.

  14. Wow! What a beautiful gallery you have you have painted with your magnificent words! I especially found the butterflies beautiful! Thank you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  15. Wonderful and varied verses here.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

  16. Delightful six ~ so creative and sending a daily message for us ~ be well.

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. Lovely haiku sequence, Stay Safe


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