Fading bougainvillea blossoms have been tossed on a trash heap in Wellton, Arizona.

Can I truly celebrate
When the brilliant blossoms fade?
Can this heart of mine rejoice
When such folly is displayed?
Yet even as they’re fading,
And although they cannot sing,
The blossoms clearly show me
Life on Earth’s a fragile thing.

Poem and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

Posted on November 18, 2020, in Arizona, blossom, Poets & Storytellers United, Rhyming poetry, Sky Watch Friday and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 17 Comments.

  1. I am sure the plant doesn’t mind a bit as it continues on its lifes task.

  2. So much truth in the final lines.

  3. I so love bougainvillea! How sad indeed to see them trashed. And yes, life one earth is fragile. Yet even a brief blossoming is surely to be celebrated!

  4. Life on MY home planet is pretty rough at the moment as well.
    Just kidding, Teach. But I’m serious about this: my admiration for your work. Salute.

  5. Love the direction you took with the challenge … those blooms will return.

  6. Beverly Crawford

    Ah, but those blossoms fade to make way for the new green shoots of Spring after a winter’s rest. Keep the faith!

  7. Once again, I agree…life is a precious thing…:)jp

  8. That’s very nice! I also rejoice when I compost that last flower, it means I can take the winter off!

  9. Fragile beauty tossed in a heap while family members cannot gather to weep.

  10. Indeed it is !…sweet poem.

  11. I love the delicacy of this poem

  12. Splendid capture

  13. Beautiful poem and image.

  14. such a nice poem.

  15. Since I started blogging (a long time ago) my fellow posters have taught how beautiful the whole life cycle of a bloom is.

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