Dreams that Call

Do you hear the dreams that call,
Dreams your hands still hope to find?
Stand in wonder of them all,
Pillow them within your mind.
In the shell of your old life
You could stand until you die,
But it’s time to slip away
With the hawk that rides the sky.
Onward through the wind and fire!
Push yourself, do not give up!
You will find your heart’s desire
Waiting in a brimming cup.


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It is good to dream of your life to come otherwise you might be quite despondent.

  2. luv the inspiration of pushing on, hoping and finding
    Happy Sunday


    much love…

  3. Oh yes, I can hear that call! Your poem makes me want to leap to answer it.

  4. Oh, yeah; I could use a little hawkflight right about now. Nice work, Teach.


    I fluffed my imaginary pillow up as I read. My dreams are to have big dreams (while I sleep).

  6. Beverly Crawford

    Dream keep us going, but beware the brimming cup!

  7. Yes, I have dreams that call when least I expect … pillow them within your mind is a beautiful place to lay them.

  8. Ah. The dreams that come. Beautiful words and lovely rhymes.

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