Dancers with Candles

Dancers with candles are lurking around
Places where mistletoe is to be found,
Hoping their empty lips soon will be kissed,
Fearing their footsteps will turn into mist.
Suddenly sleepy the dancers do swoon,
Not caring at all that it’s only noon.
Could this be deep magic doing its work,
Or am I dreaming like some lonely jerk?
Soon I’ll be nodding, my air will be gone,
And it will be time for me to pass on.
Please don’t forget me when I am no more;
Give heed to my wisdom, this I implore.
Of all I’ve told you, try to remember:
Dance with your candle every December!


Poem © 2020 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Candles, mistletoe and Decembers, and beung remembered by friends, what can we ask for today?
    Stay Safe



    Makes me want to skip a little. What magic is beheld in that candle smoke?

  3. …try not to burn the decorations at the same time!

  4. Beverly Crawford

    Great rhythm, a bit of a poignant ending. Good read!

  5. I like the ghostly touch in this poem where footsteps turn into mist It makes me not want to dance with a candle though 😉

  6. Hmm, how smoothly you danced from mistletoe kisses to that final farewell. We all hope to be remembered, don’t we? If the candle is life, I’m happy to dance with it as long as possible.

  7. “Soon I’ll be nodding…” Dance on, Teach! Well done.

  8. I echo Rosemary and also hope there is much left to burn on my candle…
    Anna :o]

  9. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    I see a veiled curtain from time being lifted and past loves get a chance to reconnect once a year… I’m sure I’m off…

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