The Kill

The stump of a tooth was tethered to stars.
At five till midnight three men puffed cigars.
One of them lathered his whiskery chin,
Using a brush soaked in whisky and gin.
One plowed through the soil, one raised a harpoon,
Hurling it carefully right at the moon.
The moon with a sigh crashed into the sea;
Monstrous waves followed and splintered the quay.
Once he’d accomplished this feat of great skill,
The harpooner bragged of making a kill,
A kill so complete the moon shines no more,
Except when wild women dance on the shore.


Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Kestril Trueseeker

    We should be the wild ones we want to see in the world, dancing back with all the things that were stolen and thwarting hubris filled plans.

  2. Magically delicious, Teach, just like they say about Lucky Charms (though this is SOOOO much more delectable).
    Mine’s a moon poem this week, too. Have a great day!

  3. OMG so fun fun.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog today

    much love…


    And to think, I just slept through this!

  5. YOU are so talented, my dear!!…:)jp

  6. I am a wild woman … I have danced on the shore. Your wonderful poetry brought it all back. Thanks!

  7. Beverly Crawford

    Is it safe to say you and Ron have mooned us? Well delightfully so, I say!

  8. I must confess it is always a delight to read your poetry filled with such mesmerising characters and events.

  9. We’ve had overcast skies for over two weeks and I miss the moon shining at night. Luckily, you offer an imaginative tale as a substitute.

  10. My goodness! A wild, crazy world you depict, but somehow full of good feeling. It’s a good thing those wild women can dance to restore the moon.

  11. Excellent writing Magic, and wonderful rhyme. Engages one to think fantastical thoughts. I am pleased to join in at P&SU in this new year. Hope it’s a good one for all

  12. So enjoyed this–you know how to create magic

  13. How I love closing image, and how the whole thing sounds like a tale that should be chanted (and danced) by Gypsies (while watching the moon rise!

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