Haibun: Some Wild Thing

Some wild thing roves outside my door. It always comes at twilight. It moves stealthily among the shadows, zigzagging, never in a straight line. It is so swift—like a meteor’s flash or the whirling rings of Saturn—that I barely catch a glimpse of it. But I know it’s there—a constant presence as night comes on. Does it mean to harm me or to help me? I’m not sure, so in order to sleep I check the door locks and chains once more.

The Book of Bad Luck—
why do I keep reading it?
I know how it ends.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


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    Happy Sunday


  2. Very shivery! Great creation of atmosphere.

  3. Both scary and fascinating, the wild thing that always come at twilight.

  4. OMG, Teach; this is one haibunilicious creation. My vote: keep your eyes peeled; confront what you can (if you must). I hope it’s a Guardian.
    Happy Sunday!


    I laughed to myself. Why do I keep reading?

  6. Beverly Crawford

    I have a family story entitled “What You See Is What You Get”, so beware. In my story, a duck raised with my mother’s chickens had a serious identity crisis, and the first time he was in the company of other ducks he was afraid of them because he thought he was a chicken!

  7. I had always imagined that you lived in the wild country where native animals would often be seen or be caught feeding on something close by. As for bad luck I am sure most of us experience that at some time, It is part of our education to not be disappointed as our lives are peppered with quite a range to cope with.

  8. No fear … it’s your guardian angel.

  9. Ah the wild things I loved the Haiku Made me laugh

  10. Came to comment on your church pic for Blue Monday but ended up here. I love that quote. HA!

  11. I think it was just a male cardinal….

  12. Lisa at Greenbow

    Sounds like a ghost story.

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