Haibun: Easter Meal

The anchovies on the pizza were too salty, and I’m desperately thirsty. I keep trying to drink some water, but the table wobbles and it’s hard for me to pick up the glass. I never expected to be eating alone in a sad café on a chilly Easter Sunday. Through the dirty window an almost biblical scene unfolds: sheep grazing on lush grass. A shepherd has led them there. It’s so restful to watch that I close my eyes for a moment. But the impatient water prods me back to awareness by snapping out a single word: “Finished?”

On a windy day
the white dove loses her song
somewhere on the way.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


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  1. Some people sure know how to destroy a good thing. I bet this dream wrecker doesn’t get many tips.

  2. Such an intrusive word that, “Finished?” I hope you enjoyed, the rest of your Easter Sunday, regardless.

  3. A gritty Haibun that illustrates the grim reality of life. Too many people are THAT waiter.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

  4. ‘Writers,’ my favourite bumper sticker used to say, ‘have the last word.’ Now all your readers are sending bad vibes to that rude waiter, if only for a moment. And meanwhile you have that lovely haiku from the whole experience.

  5. Luv the image of the dove, like a lingering gaze
    Happy Easter

    much love

  6. I wasn’t sure whether the water or the waiter prodded you. But my guess it was the water saying “drink me the wine here is terrible”.

  7. How nicely Old Egg put it! I was wondering myself! Either way works great. Some can’t stand to see others restful, or assume that means they need to offer some unwanted conversation. Sitting and shutting ones eyes and being restful should be allowed. “What’s wrong? Why are your eyes closed?” Sad for the dove to lose her song. Sad for her and those of us listening to her.

  8. I hate it when waiters say, “Are you still working on that?” Dining is better in Europe, where you can sit all night at table and the waiters remain in the background, hush and quiet.

  9. what a lovely haibun, with all those details. the haiku ends the poem beautifully. it seems somehow the world has lost its way.

  10. Beverly Crawford

    Such sadness in this write, and in the haiku. May better days be ahead.

  11. I wish you have more company ahead, with more moments of peace to enjoy.

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