Love in 5-7-5 Time

whatever you love
cuts you like a knife, carving
canyons in your flesh
someone who loves you
washes away everything
you thought essential
ceaseless floods of love
grind your soul’s granite to silt
washing it downstream
layer by layer
what’s inside you is revealed
by your lover’s art


© 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. lover / sculptor / creator / destroyer

    3-line beauties x 4 = 1 outstanding post. Well done, Kimster.

  2. scotthastiepoet

    Yes, for all lovers a tableau of scars we all carry for the joys we’ve known and let deep into our soul. Very crisply written…

  3. scotthastiepoet

    Nice to read you again…


    I feel dissolved already!

  5. A string of wonderful 5-7-5’s !!!

  6. love changes you.. loved the structure.. a string of 575.. would like to try that soon

  7. Beverly Crawford

    Love beautifully 5-7-5’d!

  8. Love should be an honest happy partnership not an aquisition of possessions.

  9. How love is all powerfull in the in the many ways of these wonderfull lines

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