When droughts become severe, Arizona cottonwoods drop their leaves prematurely.

Dove of the desert,
how can a small dying leaf
hold your lively song?

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I do want to hear the tender song of the dove. A beautiful haiku! Happy weekend to you!

  2. there are an abundance of doves this early spring here in Prescott, Az. they are a comfort even as they sing their mournful news of drought. water is gold as are the aspen leaves we love to watch dance on waves of wind. beautiful haiku with such grave foreboding.

  3. love the cycle of trees… i had no idea…. the beauty of a doves song can be sad… yes, we are in for a drought…. we didn’t have much snow.. loved your haiku

  4. dying leaves hold a lot, this song melts along with them into this dance into the earth. Oh, how I love the trees and their leaves, love notes to us all…

  5. Beautiful haiku
    Have a good weekend


  6. ah thats beautiful. The sound of a dove and the leaf completing its cycle but holding on to song. Nature is grand. And so is your haiku.

  7. Nature is amazing! Love your haiku. Enjoy your Sunday, hug from Holland!

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