Haibun: Braiding Stories

Among the flowers and grasses, tiny yellow-and-brown things with wings land and take off, take off and land. Should I be worried that I do not know their names? I lift one of the things from a flower stained with its excrement—so small to have made such a big mess! Looking at this nameless thing strips me of all notions of superiority. I know that the day is coming when my own stains will be concealed by the undertaker’s art. But that day can wait. I still have stories to braid.

A woman sleeping
on a green park bench wakes up,
stretching and yawning.


Haibun © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher 


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  1. Such a descriptive haibun. You’ve turned what might have seem mundane, a small nameless thing making a big mess, into an observation to learn from. Love this too, “But that day can wait”. Keep braiding those stories!

  2. Nice one
    Happy Sunday


  3. We’re all sharing that green bench, those dreams, that inevitability, eh?
    Thanks for sharing, Teach.

  4. “But that day can wait. I still have stories to braid.” Absolutely

  5. Beverly Crawford

    Looking forward to more braided stories!

  6. Stories to braid is marvelous ~ reminds me of the thousands of braided flower chains I created as a girl.

  7. Vividly told! It’s good you have stories to braid; also I like the unbraided, fragmentary nature of this piece.

  8. How important it is to be an observer in life such as your haibun today, as writing is often our interpretations of what we have seen in life. What a great source it is too.

  9. There’s something so happy about that pic. Even tho we can’t see their faces.

  10. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:

    #Haiku Happenings #3: MMT’s latest haibun for The Whirligig and Poets and Storytellers United!

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