Four Haiku with Tea

This hair in my tea—
how can I not dislike it?
Spring’s first misfortune…
These shaded flowers
seem to want to climb the wall,
eager for more light.
O sorrowful moss,
surely you know that your hurt
has drawn me to you.
When autumn arrives,
meet me in the swirling leaves
near the maple tree.


Haiku © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Oh, what a beautiful vision of autumn in #4! That’s my favorite.

  2. Wonderful haiku ….. the Swirling Leaves in Fall haiku my favorite!

  3. I think that I just saw #2 out of m window–my passiflora is trying to climb a window. And #4 makes me yearn for autumn in spring. I believe this is the first time that happens to me.

  4. These are so lovely!!!!!!! I especially love the sorrowful moss.

  5. Oooooooooo! What a great series. I find my hair all over the apartment. Long and grey. I do enjoy the wit you put in so much of your work. Stay well!

  6. Perhaps it is better not to be sad when seasons change for they all have a purpose…but do we?

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