I Am a Poem

I am a poem.
A poem that says it needs to be famous,
but busies itself with mundane work.
A poem that sometimes acts as if it were on stage,
but usually cowers in the bedroom closet.
A poem that defies gravity like a trapeze artist swinging
through space, only to find no place to land.
A poem that wants to attend the School of Extraordinary Feats,
but after graduating would not know how to apply what
it has learned to ordinary life.
Who would read a poem like that?

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. I would and it absolutely delighted me!

  2. I think I just did.

  3. Just did, Bravo
    Happy Sunday


  4. Beverly Crawford

    Ah, we all need to enroll in the School of Extraordinary Feats….but I understand there’s a long waiting list.


    My kind of poem! I like the trapeze part. I may try to imagine myself as a poem now.

  6. This poem is needed to remind us that our time will eventually run out leaving us saying “I wish i had done that”.

  7. I would read that poem. And I’m almost certain that most of us would find pieces of ourselves in it.

    Love this piece.

  8. What a unique perspective that only a Magical Mystical Teacher could see.

  9. Time to come out, come out …. wherever you are!!!

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