Right Way, Easy Way

Sometimes the right way is easy,
And sometimes the easy way’s right;
But how to choose between the two
When there’s only darkness, not light?
It’s easy to say, “Just choose one!”
But what if I make the wrong choice?
That’s why I wish my ears could hear
A sweet supernatural voice,
Saying, “This is the way—stick to it!
Don’t veer to the left or right!
By walking the way I tell you
Your darkness will turn into light.”
But no voice shatters the silence
At morning, at noon, or at night,
So I keep walking and walking—
And hoping the easy way’s right!

Poem © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Happy Wednesday, Let your conscience be your guide


  2. Right, easy, and living are such complicated things, indeed. And we can rarely know what’s what, not exactly. Not until the whole thing has played thought, and sometimes the game is life.

  3. When making hard decisions one rule I have is to wait until the day. I don’t make decisions in the middle of the darkness. That doesn’t make it any easier but I think a little more rational.

  4. Some folk toss a coin, not for me but no sleep lost, just do what is right. (American Sentence Haiku answer)

  5. I know that I know that I don’t know anything, so I usually just do whatever the hell strikes me at the moment as the thing
    to do. I try not to think about right/wrong or easy/hard. Consequences, Schmonsequences, I say.
    Nice work, Teach!

  6. And yet we meet situations where it’s necessary to choose. Sometimes it helps to defer the decision – if there is time to do that. Clarity may arrive a little later.

  7. Keep on walking and writing in joy!

  8. MMT, I like the advice given from that Supernatural Voice. I’m following It the best I can.

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