A broken-down farm wagon finds its final resting place at Yuma Conservation Garden, Yuma, Arizona.

for my journey home
nothing but a broken wheel
and a rasping crow

Haiku and photo © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Wonderful visuals and sounds. For me, the “broken wheel” and the “rasping crow” conjure feelings of difficult endings. The fact that the speaker is returning home sings of new beginnings…

  2. I do love how you include the crow! A broken wheel doesn’t sound like it’s going to stop that journey home. Lovely photo.

  3. You packed a lot of story telling into this great haiku!

  4. Sounds of the desert… can feel the heat,Good one !

  5. Beverly Crawford

    …and those few words suggest a fascinating tale! Well done.

  6. Nice one , weary but returning home.
    Happy Wednesday


  7. Love it!! Lots of old wagons are spending their rusty years at botanical gardens.

  8. I’ll get home some how
    Stick out my arm thumb a ride
    Adventure’s my name
    Most of us have had a broken vehicle in a far away place to deal with. Somehow we made it back, with help from the crows.

  9. broken wheel and a rasping crow… those just go together so well. I love those images.

  10. It feels like no one’s going anywhere. Neither cart for body nor soul.

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