Fair Time!

I think I’ll go down to the fair;
I know I’ll find tasty treats there.
Ice cream would be nice,
Topped off with brown mice
And maybe some platypus hair!
The Ferris wheel goes round and round;
It’s quiet, not making a sound.
But all those aboard
Are screaming, “Dear Lord,
We want to get back to the ground!”
That panda without any hair,
The one on the shelf over there?
I’ll win it for you,
Yes, that’s what I’ll do,
By tossing a ring fair and square.

Limericks © 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Posted on September 15, 2021, in light verse, limerick, Poets & Storytellers United and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Oh, YES, not the fair I’d frequent, but you Limerick it perfectly, Teach. Platypus hair, eh? Yum.

  2. Beverly Crawford

    WOW. I got stopped at platypus hair, and a hairless panda! I think I missed that fair, but it was fun to read about!

  3. Wonderful trip to the fair, M.T. We put the little brown chocolate mice on cake and cookies but never ice cream.

  4. Kestril Trueseeker

    LOL, I imagine things like racoons and mid-sized predators do find plenty for them to eat at a fair too.

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