Nothing Common

Nothing common in her tweets,
For she’s fortified with sweets!
What she tastes she somehow sees
Always tucked between her knees.
Autumn’s version of her face?
She knows just the perfect place:
In a corner of the zoo
With a peckish kangaroo!
There the campfire stories burn
And odd children come to learn
How to brand themselves with stars
That have slipped between the bars.
If you’ve suffered through this verse,
Don’t forget: It could be worse.
You could be among the dead,
Plunged in darkness, plagued by dread;
But you’re here, you’re having fun—
Keep it up, your life’s not done!


© 2021 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Thank you! Well your verse was fun; that’s a good start. 🙂

  2. Love the lyric positivity, Teach. Thanks

  3. I great reminder. Even when life is tough, the alternative includes way too much not breathing for comfort.

  4. a very tight verse, love the energy of it, pull me all the wat thru (with no suffering whatsoever) enjoyed very much

  5. that should read “pilled me all the way thru”


    So upbeat and encouraging in these darkish times. I hope you have some children’s books out there.

  7. That’s cute!

  8. Cheers to you. Cheers to you!!!

  9. Beverly Crawford

    Thanks for an uplifting flight of fancy. I certainly needed it this rainy morning … the last of four rainy mornings!!

  10. While I read this, I picture a butterfly flitting from bloom to bloom and enjoying its day.

  11. A hopeful and encouraging poem. Thank you for the reminder. It’s good to take stock of the good from time to time.

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