Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too: Artists Alley

Artists Alley in Ajo, Arizona features colorful murals.

Heat, relentless heat!
Even the artwork sizzles
on the desert walls.

One photo, two memes.
Please visit other participants and leave a comment.
Why not go over and see the friendly skies at SkyWatch Friday?
Photo and haiku © by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Beautiful and colorful murals! It’s nice when blank walls can be made into an artist’s palette this way. Have a wonderful week –thanks for hosting!

  2. Covering all the colours there! Must give people a boost as they walk past on a sunny day!

  3. I really like that each artist has given their own perspective, something different to look at

  4. Pretty building sides
    Thinking “artistic graffiti.”
    Some folk like it
    – – –
    It’s fine with me, :building art:. I have a little on my other blog, “boxcar art.”

  5. It sure is sizzling! Lifts my spirits to look at it.

  6. I can feel that heat… all the way over here. I love the “man-in-the-maze” portion in this sizzling art!

  7. wOW !!! that’s pretty hot
    Stay hydrated. Drink water


  8. I love the paintings. We have a lot in our town. Color and personality. And it has been hot.

  9. Love Love your entry this week. Clever, colorful, creative.

  10. Sizzling art is the best thing that can come out of horrid heat. We are finally getting a bit of a breather in my bit of the world. Hope yours comes too, soon…

  11. Sizzling art work and haiku too ~ Xo

  12. It was (is) almost too hot in Europe to write haiku or visit blogs (that’s why I am so late with my visit…) I understand your place is sizzling from the heat too.. I hope it cooled down by now. Keep it cool and enjoy your day!

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