Four Seasons

Summer border tale:
thirsty immigrants perish
in the sizzling sun.
How eager I am
to see the return of fall—
look, the first red leaf!
Hold me in your lap—
caress me, Lady Winter,
with your frigid hands.
Lady Last-Spring-Frost,
fearful of your kiss, the plum
holds back its blossoms.

© 2022 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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    They go so well together. Like a seasons of Narnia haiku series.

  2. Plum withholds her fruit
    Eager scientists to kill
    China Beatle comes
    I liked them all, sort of darkly written.
    You can see I attached my thinking upon reading your 4th and immediately thought of our upcoming national flight with the newest import. The NBC Today Show had a short expose’ of it’s invasion and how it injures fruit trees leaves and fruit stems. And how it spreads, now in quite a few Eastern States.
    Oh yes, and was it an American Haiku in form?
    We have many, many Central American refuges wanting in along our Texas borders. And yes, they know the risk of dying for the cruel resorts they feel necessary to take for them and family sake.

  3. I love all these. The last two have a touch of enchantment.

  4. The first one is so sad. The imagery made me shiver. I can practically hear their dying cries…

  5. Luv them all.
    Have a good weekend.


  6. I think I aged a year… sinking into the depth of these haiku…

  7. Of the four seasons you highlighted today, Summer gave me chills. Well done.

  8. Lovely four seasons haiku ~ am looking forward to Autumn also ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. “the plum holds back back its blossoms,” wow!

  10. Margaret Schaff Bednar

    What a fantastic idea – each intelligently written and so thought provoking! Well penned

  11. #1 my favorite here, though I find myself “almost” wishing for a change of season.

  12. here in prescott it continues to rain almost daily. this verdant summer i find myself relishing each day just as it is without the customary longing for autumns relief. your haiku honor the seasons so touchingly. soon the leaves will begin their free fall in a riot of colour. a compelling reason to savor the stone fruits of summer. autumn will find us soon enough.

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