Reclaim Life, Sip Tea!

First tea of the year—
on the surface swims a swan,
singing to the moon.
How lucky I am,
in the absence of a lake,
to have new year’s tea!
O swan with hurt wings,
you won’t die, but be revived
by the year’s first tea.
My mood? Indigo,
but only for a moment—
now, some new year’s tea!

© 2023 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar

    A swan, singing to the moon. lovely image. And I have just started truly enjoying tea – i do have my morning coffee, but prefer tea now for the afternoon!

  2. Such delicious sips. Perfect for the current NYC weather. I think I’ll join in, I hear a cup hibiscus rose tea calling my name…

  3. Thank you for making each of us a delicious cup of tea! There’s a cup waiting for you in the heart-space in the path ahead!

  4. Love the swan singing to the moon and yes let tea drive away the blues

  5. You (almost) make me wish to become a tea drinker!


    Oh how I love that first sip and that swan! It glides!

  7. You captured the magic of a perfect cup of tea

  8. Tea and haiku. What’s better than that!


  9. the peace of each warm sip. the gift of a new year. oh to be floating on an indigo pond, white swans together.

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