Three Free-Wheeling Haiku

In distress my heart
seems to turn into liquid—
bitter winter draught.
Desperate for wings,
I’ll pay whatever they cost—
my new year’s desire.
Cold-weather longing:
to see Paris glittering
while a freight train moans.

© 2023 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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    I so relate. I love your new year’s desire and hope your liquid heart doesn’t experience a winter freeze.

  2. I don’t like winter either! (But not experiencing it right now.) And I can share the longing for wings, and to see Paris.

  3. oh yes if we only had wings. I do fly to Holland soon though to see my family Don’t like winter either, but we are having summer. Not a warm one 😦

  4. Nice trio, MMT
    turn into liquid
    I’ll pay whatever they cost
    see Paris glitter
    “Cutout Poetry Haiku” from your three Free-Wheeling Haiku
    BTW, be sure to see the Eifel Tower lit up at night, it glitters.

  5. Kestril Trueseeker

    If I had wings, Paris would be one of many stops.

  6. while today finds me snowed in- your haiku transport me to extraordinary places!!

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